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I majored in physics in my university days, and I’m currently engaged in ceramic research and development. These years, ceramics have been developed as useful materials in various fields, but now, it is veery hard to achieve their goals.

Therefore, on this site, I would like to explain a wide range of ceramics informations, from basic knowledge to the latest manufacturing and analytical methods. In addition, I would like to explain the electrochemistry and physics because they are essential to understand ceramics easily. I aim to make the site that you come if you have any questions about research or development.


I will explain materials and methods in ceramics. Especially, the manufacturing is difficult to learn, so you need to understand from the basics.
Analysis method
Analysis methods are absolutely necessary for researches and developments of ceramics. On this category, I would like to explain a lot of analysis methods from the basics.
Electrochemistry is very difficult to understand, at least for me. I'll try to explain as you can understand easily.
Physics is very interesting, in fact, and useful for researches and developments.
Thought experiment
I explain various thought experiments. I introduce thought experiments from physics to philosophy.
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Ceramics with science for researchers and engineers